The number of people aged 85 and over is predicted to double over the next 20 years.

“Very helpful and friendly people, everything was explained in a language even we could understand. If we have had any queries they were at the end of the phone to answer them, nothing was too much trouble”

In 1952 the Queen issued 255 100th birthday messages, by 2011 this had risen to 12,640.

The assets held in the trust are specifically held for your benefit during your lifetime. This means that you are free to move, downsize or release capital at any time. You are able to sell up and move into sheltered accommodation in the future if this becomes necessary and the proceeds of sale can then provide an income or be spent enjoying your retirement.

1 in 3 people currently suffer from mental incapacity before they die.

Many people that set up an APT are not worried about care fees. There are many reasons to hold your estate in this protective environment that can save you and your family tens of thousands in potential fees and pass your estate intact to your loved ones. Just consider these other benefits.

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